10 things about Happy Little People

  1. Why - Most mums struggle to fill their day with their little one. We’ve created development promoting activities to help fill the day with meaningful moments and take the stress out of play. Making happy kids and happy mums!
  2. About Us - Kat and Bianca are two Melbourne based mums who have been besties for nearly 19 years.
  3. The Idea was born when Kat found out she had twins on the way, Kat knew it was time enlist the help of Bianca, who had taken the creative "mumming" of her two and four-year-olds to a whole new level. Every time she visited, Kat was inspired by Bianca's ever-evolving home, brimming with invented games & activities which seemed to elevate the daily lives of all three of them. 
  4. The Concept - With their combined backgrounds in education, the dramatic arts, and photography, these two creatives set out on a mission to provide parents from around the world with a fun, educational, beautifully designed card deck that they would actually be inspired to use. 
  5. The Road Test - The activities have been road tested by hundreds of mums, Educational experts and Physio's, Chiro's and Speech Pathologists to ensure they align with developmental milestones.
  6. The Birth - Incidentally, in the time it takes to grow a baby, they formed their labour of love and presented The Happy Little People Card Deck to the world. 
  7. Play - Happy Little People is about taking the stress out of play. With so much noise out there, we wanted to help parents enjoy playing and make it as simple as possible. Hence why we  use household items for all of our activities. 
  8. Our kids - We have done all the activities in the decks with our kids! 
  9. And Now - We have just launched out new deck for 12- 24 Month olds. We're so excited to continue this journey!
  10. What's next - We have huge plans for Happy Little People. We want to build a community where like minded parents come together and play through various mediums. ( we just need to wait till our kids are a tiny bit older ;) )

    Author - Bianca, Co-founder of Happy Little People, Milestone + Bonding Cards.