Our First Blog

Blogging is so foreign to me in so many ways. I love to read them, I think about what I'd write all the time though I have never written one. So excuse the tone whilst we find our groove and hopefully our blogs in the Midnight Diary get better as we age. Just like a fine wine.  

You may ask, why the Midnight Diary? As a Mum and with two very hungry boys, I was up all hours of the night feeding, I'd often ponder all sorts of creative expression and where I wanted my career to go knowing I wouldn't be returning to my office hustle in Marketing. The midnight diary was born out of a way to communicate and engage with those that are interested. 

We'll be posting about our favourite products, brand owners, books reviews, handy and fun things to do with you kids and baby and whatever else we can muster. This blog is here to educate and inform you and hopefully have a little fun.